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Welcome to okeelillovers Cockapoo's and Cocker spaniel's!Here at Okeelillovers we are a family orientated breeder of Cocker Spaniels and Cockapoo's. We breed on occasion toy poodles.  We will be relocating to cedartown, Ga. Breeding has been in our family for over 30 yrs. My parents raised and bred vizsla's and Rhodesian ridgebacks. My mother and I then started breeding and raising cocker spaniels and decided to start breeding cockapoos. We love our Cockapoo's fun nature and very loving and loyal disposition. Not to mention the very low level of shedding the Cockapoo has to offer. Our cocker spaniels are very sweet, outgoing, and lovable family pets.  With the help of all of my family, including the furry ones, we raise happy, healthy, sound, and loyal cockapoo and cocker spaniel babies. We our dedicated to our cockapoo and cocker spaniel puppies from the time they are born. Even when our Cockapoo, or Cocker spaniel go to their new homes we offer support, and advice to keep our babies happy and healthy. Our babies(cockapoo or cocker spaniel) are well socialized with our children, and all of our furry family members. Our vet and past customers back our dedication and devotion to all of our babies. They are also a huge part of keeping all of our cockapoo and cocker spaniels healthy.   

While this website is new, our love for our animals is not. We will not sell any of our cockapoo or cocker spaniel puppies to breeders, pet shops, or anyone else with the intention of not spoiling them or treating them as family. Our cockapoo and cocker spaniel puppies are born and raised to be apart of loving families, or those that need companionship.

In2013 we will be adding standard cockapoo puppies to our family. All of our parents and pets are well loved. We welcome you to our home and see for yourself. If you live out of Georgia, I will be glad to provide you with some of my referrals as well as my vet's number. If you are just looking for a puppy, we might not be for you. If you want to share with us your new babies development, good news, bad news, milestones, or just want to brag, then we believe we are the right cockapoo or cocker spaniel breeder for you. Please note that while Cockapoo's are low to non shedding, they might not be for every family. Please keep this in mind. If you have questions about our babies, please contact us. Thank you.

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Okeelillovers Family     We try and keep track of all of our Cockapoo, & Cocker spaniel babies when they leave to their new homes. We love and appreciate updates from families. We have on this site past pictures of our Cockapoo and Cocker spaniel puppies. Our cockapoo babies and cocker spaniel babies are precious and we feel confident that we have placed them all with loving caring families. If you have chosen one of our cockapoo or cocker spaniel  babies, please feel free to send us updates, We look forward to hearing from you. If you have not met us or our loving family, make an appointment to come by and meet your new cockapoo or cocker spaneil baby. Okeelillovers is now on Facebook. You can check out past cockapoo and cocker spaniel puppies. New on facebook is an Album of ALL GROWN UP!!! puppies. Check it out.  

Okeelillovers Cockapoo puppies and Cocker spaniel puppies

                                                                                                   Here at Okeelillovers we have a variety of cockapoo, and cocker spaniel puppies to choose from. All of our cockapoo puppies are first generation(F1) at the present time. Our cockapoo's come in chocolate, black, apricot, champagne, parti, and buff and some merle. Our cocker spaniel puppies are as follows, black cocker spaniels, buff cocker spaniels, red cocker spaniels, and occasionally parti cocker spaniels, and now merle cocker spaniels. All of our cockapoo and cocker spaniel puppies are CKC registered and some are AKC registered. We deliver our cockapoo and cocker spaniel puppies around the state of georgia, alabama, florida. We also have families from georgia, alabama, and florida make the trip to our home to get their new cockapoo or cocker spaniel puppy.